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Testphantom for acceptance and constancy testing of digital dental X-ray-units per German standards DIN 6868/5 and
DIN 6868/151 and international standards IEC 61223-2-7 and IEC 61223-3-4.

DIRADENT package
For acceptance and constancy testing of digital X-ray-equipment for Dental per: DIN 6868/151, DIN 6868/5, IEC 6122334 and IEC 6122327.

Package Contents:

- Phantom DIRADENT
- Phantom Holder (System "GENDEX", or "GENDEX 8000", or "OP100", or "SIRONA")*
- Copper plate Absorption filter 1,8mm Cu
- System Case "Tecno" blue (small)

* optional: additional with Phantom Holder for System "CEPH" and with Copper plate Absorption filter 0,8mm Cu
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